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Spare parts

Looking for a lamp for your refrigerator? A grill or a knob for your hob? Use the search box on the left if you know the product number or part number.


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How can I be sure that I’ve found the right spare part?

  1. /Global/DummyContent/Images/spareChkItem1.jpg 1Find the product number for your appliance

    If you’re not sure what it is, click on the How do I find it? link and select the type of appliance you’re working on.

  2. /Global/DummyContent/Images/spareChkItem2.jpg 2Remember where the spare part came from

    If you’ve taken the part out of the appliance already, or are about to do so, write down or sketch out where you’ve taken it out from.

  3. /Global/DummyContent/Images/spareChkItem3.jpg 3Check against the ‘Exploded view’ of an appliance and a photo of the part

    It will let you identify the Part number for the part you are looking for.

Not confident about repairing your own appliance?

Find a service centre or book an engineer to professionally service or repair your appliance

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